February 19th - February 24th, 2008

    Three men went deep sea fishing and then finally caught something. It took hours to reel it up and by the time they did a mermaid was on the other end. The mermaid pleaded with the men to let her go and finally said, "If you let me go, i'll grant each of you one wish."
    All the men agreed.
    The first man wished he was 2 times smarter. *POOF* The man started quoting shakespear.
    The second man wished he was 10 times smarter. *POOF* The man was able to figure out math problems that still have yet to be solved.
    The third man wished to be 20 times smarter and the mermaid asked are you sure? He said, yea! and *POOF* The third man turned into a woman.

    Submitted by Kathy Raider -- Author Unknown