March 24th - March 30th, 2008

    One day a boy on a corner was selling fish he had caught from the dam. He stood there and yelled "Dam fish! Get your Dam fish here!" Suddenly a bishop walks by and says "You know that isn't a very good word to be saying." The boy replies.. "No, I actually caught these fish from the dam" Feeling bad, the bishop bought some fish and headed home.
    Once home he asked his wife, "Honey, will you please cook these dam fish?"
    She glaced at her husband with a blank look. "No, no..... I bought them from a boy who caught these fish at the dam."
    Finally while sitting at dinner he says, "Honey, will you pass the dam fish?"
    With a big grin on his face his son says, "Right on dad! Will you pass the f***** potatoes?"

    Submitted by Sean -- Author: unknown