October 22nd - October 28th, 2007

    A man took weekend fishing trips twice a month. His wife got used to them, and was sure to have all of his things packed when he came home after work on Friday.
    After some months of the same routine, she became concerned as to whether or not he actually was going fishing, but without any proof she wasn't going to confront him.
    One Sunday evening after returning from his "fishing" weekend, he confronted his wife.
    "All I ask from you is that you have my things ready when I get home from work. And this weekend, you forgot to pack me any clean underwear. Do you have any idea how I feel wearing the same underwear for 3 days?"
    The wife defended herself, "I didn't forget to pack your clean underwear."
    He snapped back, "Well, I didn't have any when I got to the lake. Where did you pack them, they weren't in my suitcase?"
    "No," she replied, "This time I packed them in your tackle box."

    Submitted by Sean Townsend -- Author Unknown