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Bass don't always follow the rules
By Terry Ellis

   If you are an avid fisherman, you will always hear match the hatch. Which means choose the color that the fish are feeding on. So for example, if the bass are feeding on shiners use a lure the same color, or if it is perch or sunfish, tie on something of the same fashion.

   Most will also say use darker lures in low light conditions and brighter when the sun is shining high. If the lake is clear use a brighter or shinier lures vs. darker ones for stained or muddy water.

   This rule of thumb most always holds true but not 100 percent of the time. This past weekend fishing up north on a lake with high clarity broke the rules. First of all we were able to use lures of both colors in low light and sunnier conditions.

   On the second morning as the sun rose fishing was slow but we were able to land a few bass. One of those mornings you would swear you tried everything. In deed we did. First they would hit on black worms, but only a couple at a time. Then I would switch it up to pumpkin with a chartreuse tip and land a couple more.

   The fish in one area slowed to nothing so we motored to another spot across the lake. Well the color matrix for fishing again did not hold true. The sun already high in the sky and able to see your lure 8-9 ft deep the fish were first hitting black worms. My dad had landed a couple. But then all of a sudden I throw out a bright red and white jig and wham, land a couple more, one even being 18Ē. So now we have fish hitting on dark and light lures out of the same spot with in minutes.

   So remember that darker colors in darker water and lighter lures in clear and sunny weather doesnít always hold true. You must experiment if the bass are not hitting. Try something new; it might be a great surprise. It just goes to show fish on different lakes and under certain conditions donít always play by the rules, do donít be afraid to try something totally different.