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    September 7th - September 13th / Dynamite submitted by Mark Aguilar

    August 24th - August 31st / River fish submitted by Greg

    July 27th - August 2nd / An angler born submitted by Kenny
    July 20th - July 26th / Three men and a baby submitted by Paulina
    July 13th - July 19th / Fishing Fact submitted by Ryun
    July 6th - July 12th / Teach a man to fish submitted by Lindsey

    June 15th - June 21st / White Man submitted by Tony
    June 8th - June 14th / Eating Fish submitted by Warner
    June 1st - June 7th / Texas Fishing submitted by Randy

    May 25th - May 31st / Blonde Bass submitted by Steven
    May 18th - May 24th / Catch and Release submitted by Jay
    May 11th - May 17th / Fighters & Fishermen submitted by L.T.
    May 4th - May 10th / Fishermen lie submitted by Trey

    April 27th - May 3rd / Pirahna Eatin' submitted by James
    April 20th - April 26th / Bar Cry submitted by Harry Flint
    April 13th - April 19th / Fish Three times submitted by D. Clark

    March 30th - April 5th / Fishy Business submitted by J. Wolfe
    March 23rd - March 29th / One fish submitted by Scott Myers
    March 16th - March 22nd / Frank is Dead submitted by Josh Dunn

    February 23rd - March 2nd / My Big Fish submitted by Natalie
    February 9th - February 15th / Fishing Lie submitted by Janelle
    February 2nd - February 8th / After Fishing submitted by Chris

    January 26th - February 1st / Hard woman submitted by Patrick
    January 19th - January 25th / Fishing Tickle submitted by Nevin
    January 12th - January 18th / Wise Words submitted by Dwight
    January 5th - January 11th / Old Men submitted by Jess

    December 8th - December 14th / Dynamite submitted by Mark Aguilar
    December 1st - December 7th / The Ice Voice submitted by Jason White

    November 10th - November 16th / Bubba Dating by Harry
    November 3rd - November 9th / Known Faces by Aaron Griggs

    October 27th - November 2nd / Fishology by Tom Lehmann
    October 20th - October 26th / Fountain of Youth by President Herbert Hoover
    October 13th - October 19th / Patient Man by Ed Howe
    October 6th - October 12th / True Fishing by Gladys Taber

    September 29th - October 5th / Why fish? by Kenny Potchenson
    September 22nd - September 28th / Good News by Todd B.
    September 15th - September 21st / Baby fish hook by Brian
    September 8th - September 14th / The Wife Believes by Exavier
    September 1st - September 7th / Bar Drink submitted by Sam

    August 25th - August 31st / Court Record submitted by Kurtis
    August 18th - August 24th / "Definition of Work" submitted by Jamie
    August 11th - August 17th / "That fishin' buddy" submitted by Art
    August 4th - August 10th / Boat Conversations submitted by Brandon

    July 28th - August 3rd / The Beam submitted by Tyler
    July 21st - July 27th / Great Salesman submitted by Kathy Hodges
    July 14th - July 20th / Goldfish submitted by Ben O.
    July 7th - July 13th / Fish too much submitted by David

    June 30th - July 6th / Tournament Strategy submitted by Jones
    June 23rd - June 29th / Skunked submitted by Josh
    June 16th - June 22nd / Nice Trade submitted by David
    June 9th - June 15th / It's a Big one submitted by Wally S.
    June 2nd - June 8th / Snow Mobile submitted by Mr. Carr

    May 26th - June 1st / Dumb Bass submitted by Brett
    May 19th - May 25th / More Ice fishing submitted by Ken Wilson
    May 12th - May 18th / Catfish Vs. Lawyer submitted by Donald Lee
    May 5th - May 11th / One fish submitted by Scott Myers

    April 28th - May 5th / Shark Bait submitted by Susan Brennan
    April 21st - April 27th / Teach a man to fish submitted by Jim Hollenbeck
    April 14th - April 20th / Stupid Husband submitted by Brody Hooks
    April 7th - April 13th / Lake Beer submitted by Roger

    March 31st - April 6th / 3 men and a baby submitted by Sharla
    March 24th - March 30th / Dam Fish submitted by Sean
    March 17th - March 23rd / Redneck Fisherman submitted by Bill A.
    March 10th - March 16th / Aligators submitted by Nick F.
    March 3rd - March 9th / Fishing Advice submitted by Brittney A.

    February 25th - March 2nd / Fishing Babysitter submitted by John Abermen
    February 19th - February 24th / Mermaid submitted by Kathy Raider
    February 11th - February 17th / Do Fish Grow? submitted by Sonny McCann
    February 4th - February 10th / The Other Side submitted by Andrew

    January 28th - February 3rd / Not fishing submitted by Scott
    January 21st - January 27th / Crappie Instead submitted by Oriana
    January 14th - January 20th / Catfish vs. Lawyer submitted by Andi
    January 7th - January 13th / Tie me up submitted by Jason White

    December 31st - January 6th / Credible witness submitted by Ron Hodges
    December 17th - December 23rd / Hunting Bear submitted by L.T. Scruggs
    December 10th - December 16th / Shopping Cart submitted by Dale Sherman
    December 3rd - December 9th / Frank is Dead submitted by Josh Dunn

    November 26th - December 3rd / Sunday School submitted by Chad Hodges
    November 12th - November 18th / Good Snake submitted by Mike Leon
    November 5th - November 11th / The right equipment submitted by L.T. Scruggs

    October 29th - November 4th / Road Sign submitted by Mark Peterson
    October 22nd - October 28th / Dirty Underware submitted by Sean Townsend
    October 15th - October 21st / "X" Marks the spot submitted by Parker Mayo
    October 8th - October 14th / Wife Fishing submitted by Parker Mayo
    October 1st - October 7th / The Ice Voice submitted by Jason White

    September 24th - September 30th / Magnet Fishing submitted by Gary Middleton
    September 17th - September 23rd / You might be an angler if... submitted by Ronald Hodges
    September 10th - September 16th / Fishing Tackle submitted by Matt Brown
    September 3rd - September 9th / Dynamite submitted by Mark Aguilar

    August 27th - September 2nd / Worms submitted by Dominique Cooper
    August 20th - August 26th / Fishing Affair submitted by Joey Prato

    July 30th - August 5th / Pet Fish submitted by Ron Brown
    July 23rd - July 29th / I would've submitted by Sonny McCann
    July 16th - July 22nd / Was it Funny submitted by Jason White
    July 9th - July 15th / Known Faces submitted by Aaron Griggs
    July 2nd - July 8th / Biggest Liar submitted by Mike Shipley

    June 25th - July 1st / Novice Angler submitted by Joe Bruning
    June 18th - June 24th / The Hearse submitted by Jessica Hollenbeck
    June 11th - June 17th / Promises submitted by Jessica Hollenbeck
    June 4th - June 10th / Warm Worm submitted by Gary Middleton

    May 28th - June 3rd / Stink Bait submitted by Gary Middleton