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    We still have many tips, tricks, photos and video tutorials to upload. Please bear with us as we make these changes. Do we need to add another bait? Let us know by sending an e-mail to tips@howtobass.com

Buzz Baits

    Buzz Baits are another great top water action bait. Enjoy the tups and tricks for Buzz Baits.

    - Buzz Baits are great for morning fishing.
    - Have a new Buzz Bait? If you're driving to your fishing location hold the Buzz Bait out the window to
       "wear" it in. (A Non-Driver)
    - Experiment with bending the blades to give the bait a different sound.
    - Add a trailer hook to increase your catch percentage rate.
    - Buzz Baits work best in calm waters.
    - Run Buzz Baits over shallow weedy flats when other baits have a hard time getting through.
    - Although Buzz Baits work in clear water, they work even better in murky due to the sound of being able to
       attract bass better.
    - Add a trailer for extra action!
    - Overcast and calm? Throw on a Buzz Bait.

Spinner Baits

    Spinnerbaits are a great year-round bait. Just make sure you fish it extra slow in the winter. Here are some pointers the next time you add one to your line.

    - Add a low profile trailer.
    - If your sitting on the boat or on the dock you can use it as a vertical jig too.
    - Use a spinnerbait as a search bait. They cover a lot of water fast.
    - To fish a spinnerbait more rapidly, use or add a willow leaf blade.
    - Short strikes? Add a trailer hook.
    - Often you may feel a slight nudge or bump when retrieving. Set the hook! You may have a shy bass.
    - To trick a hungry bass, slap on a spinnerbait with 3-4 blades. This will add an effect of more schooling bait
    - Rounded blades produce greater vibration. Use these types of blades in murkier waters.
    - Once you catch that bass, remember your retrieve speed and the position of your rod (as this affects the
       depth of your spinnerbait) so you can get his friends too!

    Have a tip you want to add? Send it in to tips@howtobass.com