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    To ensure a greater survival rate of the bass you catch, follow these simple instructions. If you would like to add or comment on a tip, e-mail tips@howtobass.com

    Handling Bass

       1. A general rule of thumb is to not hold the bass out of the water any longer than you can hold your breath.
       2. Bass have a protective mucus on their bodies. This mucus protects against infection. The more you touch them, the more mucus is removed. If you do have to touch their bodies, wet hands first with water.
       3. Grab bass by the lower jaw with your thumb inside the mouth. For larger bass place other hand on belly to prevent jaw from breaking.
       4. Carry pliers or hook removers and try to back the hook out of the bass. If hook is in throat or stomach cut line leaving 4 - 12 inches of line. The hook will eventually remove or corroad away.
       5. Try not to let the bass fall. Landing on a boat or bank can greatly reduce their chance of surviving. For the most part bass will shake once and realize you have a tight grip and won't shake again.

    Releasing Bass

       1. Release bass a.s.a.p.
       2. Gently place the bass back into the water.
       3. Move the bass in a forward and back motion to force water through the gills. For the most part bass are hardy fish and will swim right off.