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    Here we will try to let you know everything there is to line so you can make an informed decision next time you buy some fishing line. Missing some information? Help out the site and other anglers by submitting what you know to tips@howtobass.com Thanks! -- HTB STAFF.

Monofilament Line
    - Single fiber line.
    - Cheapest to buy.
    - Good for clear water.

Fluorocarbon Line
    - Less visible to fish.
    - Almost dissapears in water.
    - Low Stretch.

Super or Braided Line
    - Super strong.
    - Smaller diameter.
    - Very little stretch to set that hook instantly.
    - Floats in water.

Line Color
    - This is almost like a "match the hatch" idea. Clear green tinted water you should probably go with a green color line. Super clear water you will want a clear line. Murky to muddy water the choice is yours.

Line Size

    - Selecting line sizes can vary due to the type of activity. If you are pitchin' or flippin' in pads most anglers recommend 20lb test at a minimum. Line size can also affect how your lure moves. Experimentaion will help out a great deal in finding out what works best for that type of bait or lure.


    - To minimize twists in your line, load the line from the spool in the same direction as your reel spins.
    - If you don't have a special unit to hold spools of line, stick a pen or pencil through to hold on to it.
    - It's best to keep fishing line indoors. Exposure to heat and sunlight can damage the line.
    - Send in more line tips to tips@howtobass.com