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    Finding bass fish can be as hard as you make it out to be. First off, keep a positive attitude. Here are some quick tips to find those bass. Many of the tips can be credited from one to another like Lake to pond. If you would like to add a tip, e-mail tips@howtobass.com and we will get it listed a.s.a.p.

Lake Fishing

    - On a boat? Electronics, electronics, electronics!
    - On land? Go for boat docks, grassy areas, drop-offs and cover.
    - If fishing a lake get a good map of the lake to locate hot spots.
    - Ask! Whether it be a local angler or bait shop, ask for advice, many people are willing to give you good       spots to fish.
    - Look for warmer water during the spring time.
    - Fish on points that the sun hit first during spring time.
    - Find schools of baitfish. When you find their food, you find them.
    - Look for transition areas from clear to murky waters. Bass ambush prey between these lines.
    - Look for any kind of structure like fallen trees, stumps, ect.
    - Fish Points. Many points hold bass on lakes.
    - If the lake level is rapidly changing in depth higher or lower, the bass will be active. Use search baits.

River Fishing

    - Once again, look for bait fish activity & fallen structure.
    - The mouth of a creek channel will often hold bass.
    - Sharp turns in the river where a current break occurs.

Pond Fishing

    - Ponds are quite smaller than lakes so your number one advantage is being able to cover a lot of water.
    - Fish any kind of structure.
    - If there is an island, find the shallow route to the island. Bass will use this as a "highway" you can say from       shore to the island.