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Top Water Froggin'
By Terry Ellis

    You wanna talk weed less in fishing, letís throw out a plastic frog. I throw a Spro with a Gamakatsu hook but there are other brands that work just as good. Toss this baby into the slop and hold on, there might be a hog on the other end.

   There are a few ways to fish this lure. You can either reel in with a steady retrieve or reel and pause, reel and pause. Another is just hopping the frog across atop of the weeds by just jerking the rod tip. Any of these retrieves may work on any giving day or a combination of all.

   I prefer a floating frog. While you are bringing the lure across the top of lily pads or other type of slop, pause the frog in open pockets. Let sit for a bit, and twitch it a couple of times and wait for the explosion. Also if you fish on top of duckweed that doesnít have much underneath it, you can pause a floater and it wonít sink. This type of lure can also be fished in the open water. Twitch next to weed beds or throw into the weeds, fish out to the edge and donít quit. Sometimes a quick pause will trigger a strike at the end of a weed bed; at times a bass will follow the frog till itís out in the open.

   I prefer to throw this lure in hot muggy weather. A bucket mouth will hold out in the weeds for shade. Usually pick a weed bed that is closer to deeper water, which will hold more and larger fish. It will also work in other conditions as well.    When getting a hit, wait till you feel it. Most people set the hook as soon as they see the fish. At times they may be coming from the side or just poking at it. You must have patients with this type of fishing.

   Now for the equipment one needs to choose. Try a 6-7 foot medium heavy bait caster, with braided line. This line will hold up much better when that hog of a lifetime is on the other end. If it dives into the thick of things it wonít brake off and you will have tons of leverage.

   Well next time you go fishing and donít know what to do next, try a frog; it may be the time of your life!

   Terry Ellis