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    Yes! You can get paid to write about what you love, and howtobass.com is here to help. We are currently offering writer positions on the subject of bass fishing. It may sound a little fishy, but we sincerely want to provide the best information out there, and not just from our point of view.

    There are countless anglers that are fantastic at what they do, and everyone has a different style that could benefit others. We’re sure you would agree that bass fishing in northern California is a bit different from south Florida. Our goal here is to provide these different tips and tactics from all over the globe to help out all bass anglers.

    Okay so how can you get started? Our first request is that you sign up on our online forum. Fellow bass anglers may like to ask you additional questions, and it’s always nice to get compliments on your work. Keep in mind it is not required. Secondly, you must agree to these terms:

       1. The article being submitted is of original work by the submitter.
       2. You will be held liable for any copyright infringements.
       3. HTB reserves the right to edit for punctuation, grammar and additional minor changes.
       4. Your article will remain on the site for as long as HTB wishes.

    It is really quite simple. Okay, so how much will you get paid for bass fishing articles, and what do you have to write about? The fishing articles will get you anywhere from $7.00 - $15.00 dollars per article. This decision will be for HTB staff to decide and will be based upon relevancy, content and other important factors. This is only if your article is chosen to be on the site. We only make payments via paypal. If you do not have a paypal account, please visit www.paypal.com. If your article is chosen, you will be notified immediately. Please be patient, as we will have many articles to review.

    The subject of the writing is completely up to you. You have the freedom to write about anything that deals with bass fishing. Take something you like out of the sport and run with it. We ask that you keep your writing to a specific subject like crankbaits, carolina rig fishing, tips to choosing a reel, dock fishing ect.

    Once you agree to these terms, write your article, or send in the ones you have already written, and include the following: (Your information will remain private and will not be given or sold to any company or individual.)

       1. Name
       2. Phone number
       3. Current Address
       4. Article subject

    Finally, send your articles to articles@howtobass.com. Don’t forget to attach your article!

    Again, our goal is to provide quality information to help out other anglers. Below are a few perks of being a writer for HTB.

    - If five of your articles are accepted, and you are a member of our forum, your username will receive
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    - The more articles accepted the higher pay you will receive.
    - If 20 of your articles are accepted, and you are a member of our forum, your username will receive official
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    - Be recognized for your talents!